17 Dec 2015

Play Games and Earn Bitcoins

Whats Game can make money for free ? 

cannonsatoshi Enjoy Free Satoshi!  

CannonSatoshi Bitcoin faucet game is the latest release from Game Vault Studios, which has developed to FarmSatoshi, their successful Bitcoin faucet game.
Besides a faucet game, CannonSatoshi is also an invest based game since it is possible to buy some gems which allow to speed up the construction of the satoshi producers (the cannons) in the game.
The concept of the game is much simpler than FarmSatoshi: Buy cannons to bomb the village, loot the mine and earn free satoshis. Those cannons require oil to function, therefore the warehouse of oil must be filled periodically.

Playing this game is pretty easy just build cannon and upgrade a oil supply, just don't forget to fill an oil before upgrade or build new cannon. nothing trick to play this game but i have suggestion if you want build some cannon must be upgrade minimum to level 5 because u can see a detail on picture.

this picture about upgrade cannon.
here detail about every single cannon.

you can see at the picture lvl 2-4 give low profit than lvl1, so i suggest try upgrade canon to lvl 5 immediately so you will get more profit. here to join game

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